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School Camp

Serious and Fun – Play and Learn

School camp – Something you remember.

Sunshine, campfire, stockinged feet, pillow fights, love letters …
Serious and fun, play and learn.
Cosy, relaxing, drinking soda in your pajamas…

School camp – Something you will never forget!


At the hostel we have table tennis, football, a multi-purpose playing field with a basketball net, and various accessories provided by the hostel, so there is ample opportunity for physical activities.

In the living room we have lots of games and books, good sofas for fun and contemplation, and a lovely garden with tables and chairs.

In addition to the dining area, we have a room equipped for courses and meetings.

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We are a great location for your stay, with socializing, playing, and relaxing in our cosy and personal atmosphere at the hostel, and we are the best starting point for experiences in the city and the scenic surrounding areas.

We are located in the middle of beautiful Jutland, close to the city centre, and within walking distance of:

  • Train and bus station
  • Silkeborg city centre
  • Some of Denmark’s cleanest swimming lakes
  • Guden River
  • Canoe and bicycle rentals
  • Silkeborg forests
  • Attractions and museums

Culture and Experiences

Silkeborg offers many opportunities for experiences and activities for the brain, mind and body. Read more about the sights and attractions:


Food is important to us whether you are a tourist or at school camp. Therefore, The Kitchen serves healthy and balanced food made from scratch, with wholesome, partially organic ingredients; and we bake our own bread.

  • Day 1: Dinner (2 courses)
  • Day 2: Breakfast buffet, lunch pack (make your own), including a bottle of water and fruit. Dinner (2 courses)
  • Day 3 and 4: (same as day 2)
  • Departure day: Breakfast buffet, lunch pack (make your own), including water and fruit.

Vi anvender cookies til at forbedre oplevelsen på vores side.

Du accepterer ved at fortsætte